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Redirecting to -- please update your bookmarks

When I started Planet PostgreSQL project  about 6.5 years ago, we had only very few (almost none!) bloggers -- but we had to start at some point. As time moved on, lots of people started blogging, and we had invaluable blog posts about various PostgreSQL related topics.

When community decided to fork the planet project because of valid reasons, it increased the visibility of blogs, because it was also feeding main page. It also has more bloggers. However, we had tons of people who were following "my" planet, because they already bookmarked it and never ever heard about new planet.

Anyway, I'll keep it short: As of today, I will be stopping updating this planet. This will be the latest post on this planet. Please use  as the new Planet PostgreSQL URL.

I will redirect domains in a few months after making sure that (almost) everyone updated their bookmarks.

There will be no changes in

Regards, Devrim