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memory overcommit var bir de

"16 GB RAM var, 2-3 GB'dan fazla swap ayırma" diye büyütüldük... Uyutulmuşuz:

              This file contains the kernel virtual  memory  accounting  mode.
              Values are:

                     0: heuristic overcommit (this is the default)
                     1: always overcommit, never check
                     2: always check, never overcommit

              In  mode 0, calls of mmap(2) with MAP_NORESERVE are not checked,
              and the default check is very weak, leading to the risk of  get‐
              ting a process "OOM-killed".  Under Linux 2.4 any non-zero value
              implies mode 1.  In mode 2  (available  since  Linux  2.6),  the
              total  virtual  address  space on the system is limited to (SS +
              RAM*(r/100)), where SS is the size of the swap space, and RAM is
              the  size  of  the physical memory, and r is the contents of the
              file /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_ratio.

              See the description of /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory.